Lavender Essential Oil - Good Night, Sleep Tight

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I sleep through the night now by diffusing Lavender Essential Oil - I was the kind of person who no matter how tired I was I would take 3 to 4 hours (sometimes longer) to fall to sleep. Lavender Essential Oil changed my life (yes I am serious), I could not believe that by simply diffusing this one essential oil I was falling to sleep withing 30 minutes! I was now in love with dōTERRA Essential Oils and amazed by how effective they are - I researched more about them and my collection of “sleeping oils” started to grow.
Every now and then my mind just won’t shut off, I stress and over think too much at times and sometimes - this is when I use Peace Essential Oil Blend. I still remember the first time I diffused Peace - I was playing games on my phone in bed and within 5 minutes (if that) I was dropping my phone on my head, I wanted to finish my game but Peace but I just could not keep my eyes open. Now I use Peace anytime I am stressed, my mind is overactive or when I just cannot switch off.
Now as my oil collection has grown considerably I mix & match my “sleeping oils” depending on my mood when I go to bed.
Try out a Diffuser Blend I created with Lavender, Cedarwood and Vetiver Essential Oils.

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