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Tina Burr - doTERRA Leader
My name is Tina Burr and I sell quality yet affordable aromatherapy supplies and handmade oil stands. I am a doTERRA Leader who is passionate about helping others benefit from doTERRA Essential Oils. doTERRA is the brand I recommend because their essential oils are natural and verified 100% pure and safe for the whole family.
I would love to help you to find natural solutions for your everyday health and wellness. My aim is to help you feel comfortable and confident on how to use doTERRA essential oils safelyBe amazed by their incredible ability to heal our bodies and influence our emotions and mood positively. Not only can essential oils help support your health your wellness they have many other uses. They can help with relaxation, use them for personal hygiene, cooking and flavouring and even household cleaning.

You can purchase doTERRA at retail, or join and save 25% with your own wholesale account. By joining with a wholesale account through me you get unlimited support, education and guidance.

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Aromatherapy supplies & oil stands.

We stock quality essential oil supplies at affordable prices, aromatherapy jewellery as well as essential oil stands that are handmade by Tina.

It is now easier to benefit from your essential oils whilst on the go with our car air vent diffuser clips, diffuser necklace and diffuser bracelets.

Make life easier with our essential oil supplies. Perfect for making your own blends, use at make and takes or other events and all your other oily DIY needs.

Display your doTERRA essential oils in our unique handmade essential oil stands. Put your essential oils on display at workshops, classes or show them off around the home.

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DIY Blends, Personal Care & Recipes 

Benefit from your doTERRA Essential Oils with these DIY Recipes and Blends. By making your own products from home you know exactly what is in them. You know that they are safe, natural and non-toxic.

Using doTERRA Essential Oils means you are using quality, 100% pure essential oils that are safe for the whole family.

Lime Chicken Tacos with Lime Essential Oil

Lime Chicken Tacos

Lime Chicken Tacos This lime essential oil-infused marinade is a tasty addition to your lime chicken tacos. These tacos are

DIY Body Wash

Diy Body Wash

Diy Body Wash This body wash is great for waking up your senses in the morning or calming them down

Sugar Scrub

Diy Sugar Scrub

Make Your Own Sugar Scrub. This DIY Sugar Scrub is extremely simple to make. All you need if Sugar, Fractionated

DIY Snoring Spray

Snoring Spray

Make your own Snoring Spray Help promote clear breathing to reduce snoring, clear airways and promote a more restful nights